About The Owner

About the owner/trainer. Frank Nachtman has hunted with retrievers all his life and is an avid Waterfowl and upland game enthusiast. He began running Field Trials in 1978. He converted to Hunt Tests in 1981 with successes which include breeding, raising and training 9 Master Hunters, 1 Master National Hunter, and 1 Master National finisher, and numerous Senior and Junior hunters. In Feb 2003 he turned pro with the establishment of Sawtooth Retrievers designed to create, complete, and finish gun dogs for people who love to hunt but don't have the time or inclination to raise and train their own dog. He lives on 85 acres of farmland 5 miles south of Bellevue, which includes training fields, 5 acres of training yard and highly technical training ponds. Since then he has produced and sold over 30 finished and several started gun dogs to very satisfied clients. References are available on this web site.

About Us

• Sawtooth Retriever's sole purpose is to breed, raise, and train started and finished gun dogs.
• We do not take in the dog's of others for training.
• All clients are prescreened.

The Sawtooth Breeding Program:

• Usually matched a Field Champion male with a Master Hunter female.
• We only sell:
      • Hardy retrievers able to hunt in rigorous conditions and excel in high level competition.
      • Stable, level headed retrievers that make great hunting companions.
      • Intelligent retrievers with correct temperament and trainability.

The Sawtooth Guarantee:

• A written guarantee against genetic hip or eye defects.
• A performance guarantee.

Owner satisfaction with a professionally tained hunting retriever depends upon:

• A written guarantee against genetic hip or eye defects.
• A performance guarantee.

Sawtooth's Retriever Handling Program for clients teaches owners how to:

• Handle your Sawtooth retriever and develop teamwork in the field.
• Properly maintain the retriever during the off season.

Prescreening. It is very important to us that Sawtooth retrievers:

• Have an active life as a working dog.
• Enjoy a great home life.

Training Program:

• Basic Training: Training begins with the basic obedience skills of SIT, HERE, and HEEL, followed by force-fetch, collar conditioning, and multiple marking drills.
• Hunt Tests: Next comes exposure on the AKC hunt test circuit where your retriever experiences complex marking scenarios and a wide variety of cover, terrain, wind, water, and weather conditions.
• Handling: Here your retriever is exposed to live in the field waterfowl hunting. We believe that our retrievers must retrieve at least 35 ducks before we can call him finished.

Training Facilities:

• Large heated indoor-outdoor kennel.
• Technical pond where the retriever and handler learn to work as a team in complex handling scenarios. Lining is heavily emphasized.
• Approximately 1000 acres of rolling grassland perfect for training your retriever to mark and retrieve at long distances in deep water.

Retriever Handling Program for Clients

A lot of work but well worth it.

Retriever Handling Program includes:

• A minimum of 3 days of step-by-step instruction while handling our Master Hunters
• Instruction and experience handling your own Sawtooth retriever on blind retrieves.
• Tune up drills for off-season maintenance and a DVD of the tune up course for use as a reference.

Required for Clients:

This program must be completed to qualify for a Sawtooth Retriever.


A fully furnished apartment is available on site or accommodations in Sun Valley are less than 20 minutes away.